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Apple Cup
Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers
January 19, 2014 - Sunday 3:30PM PT (TV-FOX)
CentruyLink Field, Seattle, WA
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Seahawks and 49ers History:

The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers are NFC West divisional rivals, with Seattle leading the all-time season series is 15-14. The two teams were not rivals until 2002, when Seattle returned to the NFC for the first time since 1976. Before 2002, the 49ers led the season series 4-2, but since they became divisional rivals in 2002 the Seahawks lead the series 12-10

The rivalry intensified in 2011, when old rival coaches—old USC coach Pete Carroll and old Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh—took over as head coaches, with Carroll becoming the Seahawks coach in 2010, and Harbaugh becoming the 49ers coach the following season, taking a toll on the rivalry. Both coaches have turned both teams from struggling teams into two of the NFL's best teams.

By the Numbers:

  Number of meetings:    29 meetings

  Most recent meeting:    Dec. 8, 2013 San Fran 19, Seattle 17

  Next meeting:     January 19, 2014

  All-time series:    Seattle-SanFran record 15-15

  Largest victory:    SEA: 41-3 (2005)

  Current streak:    SF: 1 win (2013–)

  Longest Seattle win streak:    SEA: W6 (2003–2005)

  Longest San Francisco win streak:    SF: W4 (2010–2012))

The Rivalry

Apple Cup
Referees try to contain Seahawk and 49er players who push and shove after a play, as the rivalry between these two west coast powerhouses escalate.

Top 5 Most Memorable Rivalry Moments:
5.  The Carroll and Harbaugh Rivalry

Most football fans are well aware of the history of bad blood between Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, which carries back to the college days, most notably when Carroll grilled Harbaugh when they shook hands at midfield asking "What's your deal?". This was after Harbaugh incensed Carroll by having his Stanford Cardinals go for two points with a 48-21 lead with 6:47 to play, ultimately ending in a 55-21 victory over USC in 2009. The professional animosity continued into the NFL ranks. After Harbaugh questioned the officiating in a past 2012 Seahawks-49ers game, Carroll made a comment to the media calling out Harbaugh who had just weeks prior blasted the Giants coaching staff for a similarly criticizing the officials... or in other words calling him a hypocrit.

Apple Cup
4.  2012 - The Year the Rivalry Escalates

In addition to the war of words happening off the field between the coaches, in 2002 the tension on the field between these two teams was heating up. With the 49ers having won the last 3 games in the years prior, and taking the first game in 2012 for a win streak of 4, they appeared to be dominant in this matchup and on the way to the Super Bowl. But, a reinvigorated Seattle team under the lead of rookie quarterback Russell Wilson was not deterred. In a hard hitting game in December of that year, the Seahawks delivered a 42-13 pounding that sent shockwaves all the way down the coast and into the San Francisco bay.
Apple Cup
3.  Battle of the Quarterbacks

In 2013, the two young quarterbacks of these rival teams were waging their own battle. A battle of eyebrows. The rumor was that the loser of the Sept. 15 matchup would have to shave off one of his eyebrows. And after Seattle pummeled San Francisco 29 - 3, those rumors were validated when a commercial spot aired showing Colin Kaepernick shaving his left eyebrow with Russell Wilson standing behind to monitor the activity. Well, sort of. While extremely realistic-looking, the folks at EA Sports had used their graphic-design abilities to make it look like Kaepernick's eyebrow was shaven off in one fell swoop. Regardless, this was a fantastic marketing effort by the video game company.
Apple Cup
2.  49er's T.O. and the Sharpie

In the very first game between the 49ers and Seahawks as division rivals, Terrell Owens received a long pass to score his second touchdown of the game. He then proceeded to pull a Sharpie out of his sock, signed the ball, and handed it to a spectator.

After the game, Seattle coach Mike Holmgren would call it "shameful". Center Robbie Tobeck chose to describe him as a "punk". Defensive tackle John Randle went for the full, "he's an embarrassment to the league". In the run-up to the 2nd game between the teams in San Francisco, Holmgren would issue a gag order to the team on speaking of the subject of Terrell Owens.
Apple Cup
1.  Hawks and 12th Man Dominate Niners

Lost in the various reasons the 49ers lost in their Sept. 15, 2013 game is the reality that they likely felt lost at times in a sea of raw loudness. Seahawks fans set out to set a record for crowd noise, and they apparently did. Twice. In the third quarter, the 12th Man beat the first quarter high of 131.9 with an ear raising 136.6 decibels. In the days to follow, a flood of complaints drew media attention, most notably Judy Spelman and Rick Schiller of Point Reyes Station, California wrote in a Letter to the Editor at the San Francisco Chronicle complaining about unsportsmanlike conduct because of the loud, rowdy crowd. They also believed the NFL, coaches, managers, and referees should step in when the noise hits a certain level. Back in Seattle, Seahawks fans brushed this off as general "whining" by 49er fans looking to blame someone for their team's embarrasing 29-3 loss.
Apple Cup

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