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Joke #20
Q: Why do the New England Patriots hate Xbox?
A: There's no cheat button.
Joke #19
Q: Did you hear about Aaron Hernandez?
A: He entered prison as a tight end and became a wide receiver.
Joke #18
Q: What is Tom Brady and the Patriots favorite chips?
A: Cheeters!

Joke #17
Q: Why did the equipment staff for Tom Brady quit?
A: He kept texting them to suck the air out of his balls.
Joke #16
Q: What do Patriots players do to get attention in Boston?
A: Go to a Red Sox game.
Joke #15
Q: Why are so many New England Patriots players claiming they have the Swine Flu?
A: So They don't have to touch the pigskin!
Joke #14
Q: What is a New England Patriots fan's favorite wine?
A: "We can't beat Denver cause it's too cold!"
Joke #13
Q: How did the New England Patriots fan die from drinking milk?
A: The cow fell on him!
Joke #12
Q: What does an New England Patriots fan do when his team has won the Super Bowl?
A: He turns off the PlayStation
Joke #11
Q: Why do Patriots’ Fans wear slip-on shoes?
A: You need an IQ of at least 4 to tie a shoelace.
Joke #10
Q: How do you recognize a Patriots in a department store?
A: He's the one trying to slam the revolving door.
Joke #9
Q: What does a New England Patriots fan and a bottle of beer have in common?
A: They’re both empty from the neck up.

Joke #8
Q: What's the difference between the New England Patriots and the Taliban?
A: The Taliban has a running game!
Joke #7
Q: What's the difference between Patriots fans and a litter of puppies?
A: Eventually, the litter of puppies grows up and stops whining.
Joke #6
Q: Why doesn't Rhode Island have a professional football team?
A: Because then New England would want one.
Joke #5
Q: Why are New England Patriots jokes getting dumb and dumber?
A: Because Patriots fans have started to make them up themselves.
Joke #4
Q: What's the difference between New England Patriots fans and mosquitoes?
A: Mosquitoes are only annoying in the summer.
Joke #3
Q: What do Patriots fans and laxatives have in common?
A: Both irritate the absolute crap out of you!
Joke #2
Q: Why is Aaron Hernandez's NFL career over?
A: By the time he gets out of jail he wont have a tight end left.
Joke #1
Q: How do you stop an New England Patriots fan from beating his wife?
A: Dress her in a Broncos jersey.

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