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Super Bowl
5212 Latona Party House
Green Lake area of Seattle, WA
1995 - 2001

What is the 5212 Latona Party House?

It was the 90s in Seattle. The DotCom's were booming, Starbucks was brewing... But the Parties at 5212 Latona were Epic!

If you lived in Seattle in the mid 90's to early 2000's, and are between the ages of 20 and 40, then it is a high probability you partied with the boys at the 5212 Latona party house (or in one of their offsite functions). Before you say No, think hard and long, and look back for that old alcohol-weathered file in that brain of yours. And if it still doesn't jog your memory, maybe one of the highlights below will take you back to a time where the beer flowed freely, and the parties were Legendary!

By The Numbers:

House Stats: 3-levels including basement, 7 bedrooms

Founding Fathers: Mark M and Karl R.

Largest Party: Halloween 1999 - 11 Kegs, 350 people

Number of Occupants: 7 at one time, 26 over the six years

Top 5212 Latona Milestone Events:
5.  The Flying Elvis's

Inspired by a scene in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas, in 1997 the men of 5212 Latona decided to re-enact the Flying Elvis's on their trip down to Tempe Arizona to watch the Washington State - Arizona State football game over Halloween weekend.

The minute they stepped in the airport, the group of 12 Elvi were continually stopped by travelers, flight attendants and pilots insisting on getting a picture with the group. Susequently, landing in Sky Harbor Airport it took nearly 2 hours to exit the airport after performing multiple shows for crowds in front of the airport bar, singing their rendition of Viva Las Vegas. The rest of the weekend included blurred memories of singing on stage in Tempe's Mill Street concert, causing nearly a riot at Sun Devil stadium and a failed attempt to steal a bulldozer from the ASU property.

Shortly after, the Flying Elvis's of 5212 Latona were hired by Anheiser Busch and Hooters to perform at local promotions. They were paid in beer.

4.  Tres De Mayo

It was May 3, 1997... and since Cinco de Mayo didn't fall on a Saturday that year, the boys of 5212 Latona decided to invent the new holiday of Tres De Mayo. A date that will live in infamy!

Over 300 party-goers dressed in their worst Mexican outfits, 10 kegs, 12 gallons of Jose Cuervo, and the legendary Tuba Man of Seattle Ed McMichaels (R.I.P.) with his tuba and tip bucket set up in the middle of the living room... it was all downhill from there.

The damage: One girl with dislocated shoulder from backyard trampoline, permanent keg rings on wood floor, neighbor complaining of vomit in their walkway, rent hiked up by landlord due to neighbor complaints (part of contract), and the Seattle Police returning the next morning to inform the occupants they were now on their "Special Projects" list.

But, one of the Best Parties Ever!

3.  Tour De Green Lake (2001 - Present)

Organized as a pub crawl in 2001 by the founders of 5212 Latona, this seemingly innocent event started with 22 friends riding dressing up in costumes and riding their bikes around Green Lake stopping at their favorite watering holes on the way.

Since... Holy Shit! It has grown to over 800 attendees dressed in some of the most lewd and provacative outfits. Girls (and Guys) in scantily dressed costumes crowd the bars, overflowing into the streets, and shocking the local residence. In 2009, the event even included a wedding with several hundred attendees taking a break from the bars and spilling over to the Green Lake Park with drinks in hand to witness this momentus occasion. The next TDG kicks off the last Saturday in June, 1pm at the Little Red Hen tavern.
49ers Kaepernick

2.  Betty Ford Relapse Golf Classic

Betty Ford Center's annual golf tournament is known for raising money to assist with the drug and alcohol treatment of its patients. The tournament created by the men of 5212 Latona have nothing to do with that! In fact, it's the complete opposite.

Started in 2001, the Betty Ford Relapse Golf Classic was conceived over alcohol, and included a mere 8 foursomes. Over the years, with the brilliant addition of strippers, costume themes and creative drinking activities and prizes on each hole, the event evolved into a full blown tournament, with shot gun start, shuttles buses, and an awards dinner at the end.

But, with success, alcohol and drugs comes challenges. After the 2004 tournament at River Bend Golf Course in Kent, which resulted in two people sent to the hospital and calls to the mayor about alleged lewd acts by hired strippers at the hole 13 tee box in play view of pedestrians using the adjacent River Bend walking path, the tournament was blacklisted by all golf courses in King and Pierce Counties.

Not to be discouraged, the 5212 Latona boys moved the tournament to private courses in Snohomish county and continued the Betty Ford Relapse Golf Classic until its milestone 10th anniversary!

Apple Cup
1.  Halloween Party 1999

Knowing that their days were numbered in the Latona House, they decided it was time to throw the most epic party of all time. And no better time than Halloween... to not be easily identified by the police.

With 11 kegs, a newly installed CO2 system, and the fog machine and disco light in full effect, it was Game On! Over the course of several hours, hundreds of guests in their most creative and in many cases politically incorrect costumes flooded into the house.

There are varying stories of what all happened that night. But, the most memorable moment was win the police arrived, they blocked off the entire street anticipating a riot, and it took over 1 hour to empty the house, including removal guests hiding in closets, showers and under beds trying to wait out the law and return to the party. Hours later, nearly 50 guests had returned, and continued the celebration until the sun came up.

In the days to follow, and after calls from neighbors and police to the landlord, this turned out to be the last major party in the Latona house. But, it was Epic!

Apple Cup

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